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Here are some details about the domain and skills we can provide.


We focus on test-driven development, thus we have a strong Behavior Driven Development philosophy, which ensure that the development is lead by both business interests and technical insight. We have a team of designer used to mockup our product features with standard tools, which then embeded into our codebase with the latest BDD tool available (Behat/Cucumber)


Based on our experience and our skills, we apply the House of Agile Methodology, which is one adaptation of the Agile Scrum Methodology


Thanks to our highly optimized development//deployment system, we usually can deploy version within seconds. Our strong testing philosophy give combined with the latest continuous integration technology make delivery smooth and easy


We are Scrum evangelist since some years, we already helped several companies to embrace the agility with great success. If you are still playing with waterfall, come to us ;)


We follow standard, we base our work on the most efficient and standardized technical stack. We uses praised languages (python, php, javascript) in order to ensure extensibility and maintenance over time.


We are adept of smart and efficient tools. Don't reinvent the wheel, KISS, and Get the job done are some of our mottos.

A team of expert

Our team is composed by several experts in their fields and a strong network of solid developers // designers // devops.

Jean-Christophe Meillaud

Build & Deliver

Powergeek, serial entreprenor, multiple CTO. 20 years of experiences, from hacking to consulting, worked for the biggest companies, and started several startups =]

Meggie Bergevin

Product & Agility

Worked several years in the Legacy major companies in France (Total, Loreal, Essilor), as a Change Consultant, she evolves into the Product world, and she is now a Scrum evangelist, because she knows ;)

We work with several freelancers and friends on several projects.


Don't hesitate to get in touch with us, we are open to all kind of inquiries